Merry Christmas Matthew

Half a world away I hang the stockings by the fire

And dream about the day when I can finally call you mine

It’s Christmas time again but you’re not home

Your family is here and yet you’re somewhere else alone

And so tonight I pray that God will come and hold you in His arms

And tell you from my heart I wish you a Merry Christmas



Little Family3

Thank you so much to everyone for your kind words and congratulations as we’ve celebrated the good news of our son. We’re so thankful for family and friends who are on this journey with us.

We won’t be posting any images of our son online until all the legal processes are completed and we are officially his parents. However, if you come within 20 feet of either of us, we’ll probably run over and show you a few photos on our phone!

But until then, we do want to share his name with you. Our son’s name will be Matthew George Kroeker.

Matthew means “gift of Yahweh.” While we don’t know the circumstances and reasons why Matthew ended up at Source of Life infant rescue center, we do want to declare that he is a gift of God. He is precious and loved and special. When some people learn that we have three (now four!) children, they like to tell us how busy we are, as if our children are an inconvenience and we’re a bit nuts to have so many of them. We’ve never felt that way. Like our other children, we view Matthew as a gift from God and it will be an incredible honour to be his parents.

George is Melissa’s Poppa’s first name. Poppa is now in his mid-80’s and is a godly man. He spent over 50 years preaching the gospel in local churches and even continued preaching well after “retirement.” Poppa was adopted himself and has been very supportive of our adoption journey. George is also Melissa’s Dad’s middle name. Dad is also a godly man and super grandfather who is really looking forward to meeting Matthew. Our son is named after both his grandfather and great grandfather.

Many of you have asked how our fundraising is going. We are so thankful that God has provided for every step of this journey so far, but we do still have a ways to go and most of our biggest expenses are coming up in the next month or so (legal fees, visas, flights, etc). The awful Canadian dollar hasn’t helped. We have just under $10,000 left to raise, so we’d seek your prayers for God’s provision, financially, as well as praying for Matthew and our family as we prepare to meet and bring our son home. If you’re able to help we would be so grateful.

We’ve started a Fundrazr page so can give online and track our progress. We are counting down until we can meet Matthew and when we can pay our last bill. Your support has meant the world to us. We are so thankful.



The day we saw your face

IT’S A BOY! This week we accepted a referral for a two year little boy from West Africa. He will join our family in the coming months. We are over-the-moon excited! Here’s how it happened…

Dear Son,

Today, while pacing in your daddy’s office, hitting the refresh button every 3.67 seconds, we anxiously awaited an email that would finally provide us with a glimpse of you. Just as we waited during the long labours of your siblings, we waited, perhaps with even more anticipation and excitement (as this was a much longer wait!) to finally “meet” you today. While I don’t remember every detail, I remember certain moments of the days when I met your brothers and sister, and I know I’ll want to remember moments of this special day too.

We didn’t actually know it would be today – but we did know it would be soon. Just like the days when I met your siblings. At breakfast this morning, your daddy said to me, “Well, we won’t hear anything today so I guess I should get some work done while I can.” I made plans to keep busy and distracted by running errands with your big brother Jeremy, never imagining that everything would change a few hours later.

After dropping Noah and Eva off at school, Jeremy and I FullSizeRenderheaded to Richmond. We shared a hot chocolate at Starbucks and chatted with your great Aunt whom we met up with there. Then Jer and I perused IKEA, buying slipcovers for the new-to-us chairs I’d recently gotten for a bargain. (Your mommy loves finding a good deal!)

Batman and I had noodles for lunch at IKEA (your big brother’s all time favorite) and I checked my email every few minutes just in case there was any news about you.IMG_9905

It was a gloomy day as we drove home in the rain, splashing through puddles with the windshield wipers working hard. As I pulled into Tsawwassen, my phone, amplified by the cupholder it was sitting in started playing Ella Fitzgerald’s “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. I glanced over to see that the caller ID said that “Office” was calling. Your mommy is a stickler about not touching phones while driving so while pondering over who “Office” could be Ella finished her little song and the phone went to voicemail. While navigating through the continual construction and constantly changing lanes I wondered if it was maybe your daddy calling from the church office with news. So as soon as I got past the last of the pylons and raincoat-clad construction workers I pulled over to the side of the road on 16th Ave. and picked up my phone.

There was a voicemail message so I went through the steps of calling my voicemail and pushing in the passcode, impatiently wading through the Telus woman’s voice prompts. The voicemail was simply a hangup click. Unhelpful. So I checked the number of who had called and under the large “office” caller ID it said in a tiny font, “Choices Adoption Agency”. Insert PANIC!

I called them back, my heart pounding, and Jeremy wondering why we had stopped a few blocks from home. The receptionist took a few minutes to sort out who had just called me and I waited on hold trying not to hyperventilate, praying this was the call we’d been waiting for. She came back to say that the social worker who’d called me was currently on the phone and would I like to wait on hold. In a flash I realized that she’d likely called your daddy after not reaching me, so I hung up, tossed the phone down and drove the few blocks to the church office (Admittedly the first time I’ve ever been tempted to speed through that 30km/hr school zone!)

I’d barely thrown the van into park before ripping out the keys. The automatic sliding door of our van had never seemed slower to me as I pried your brother from his carseat straps, tossed him over my shoulder and ran into the church. Bursting into your daddy’s office he greeted me with raised eyebrows and a finger to his lips. He was on the phone.

Before he could change the call to speakerphone I glanced over his shoulder to read his handscrawled notes. Sheer determination and the grace of God allowed me to read your father’s hurried and excited handwriting, which is difficult on the best of days, and I saw at the top of the page “boy, 2 years old” and your name, and it took my breath away.

As we finished up the rest of the call with a mix of fist-pumping, hugs, and tears, your bewildered brother watched his elated parents with confusion and amusement. We hung up with the social worker awaiting her promise to email pictures immediately. After about three and a half gruelling minutes and at least 3,000 refresh clicks, an email popped up with your name in the subject line, and your sweet face as a photo attachment.

We’ve fallen head over heels for you, my son, and long for the day when we can look into your beautiful brown eyes and cup your sweet little face in our hands. We have waited, prayed, longed and ached for you, sweet boy, and just getting a glimpse of you today has already made it all worthwhile. Now to just get you home! We love you already, and for always, and will look back on this special day with thankful joy and full hearts.

with love,