Beach Days

It’s been a lovely lazy summer so far around here. Lots of swimming, soccer and sandcastles.

We live in a town that is surrounded by the ocean on three sides, so the beach is just a few minutes away, and a place we frequent often. The tides here are very dramatic, and when it’s out, there is so much more beach to explore. Each low tide offers new things to see or find. Sometimes we see lots of crabs. Last week we found tons of jellyfish trapped in tidal pools. Occasionally we find sand dollars. And then the tide creeps in, quickly, shallow warm water covering the sun-baked sand. Sometimes we race it to shore.

In our family, we all love playing around with cameras, (the kids have been making stop-motion lego movies non-stop!) so naturally we filmed a time-lapse stop motion video of a recent family trip to the beach.

You should know that this video is an exact representation of every Kroeker fam beach trip. This is literally what we do every time we go. Steve builds a hugemongous castle, the kids help play, and I sit on a chair and read a book the whole time, and we all watch the tide destroy the castle. It’s glorious.

We can’t wait to bring our little one, currently living on the coast of the Atlantic, home to our place on the edge of the Pacific, and introduce them to all the wonders of our beach.