End of an Era

It’s hard to believe that today is the last full day of school for the year. It’s been a pretty awesome year. Noah and Eva are in school full time and have both had incredible teachers, great friends and have loved school. And Jeremy and I have had a pretty amazing time. I knew back in September that this would be a good season, and it didn’t disappoint! After many really challenging years with three kiddos so close in age and at home with them all the time, this year has been a bit of a mommy sabbath year – a lighter year, a bit of a break in a way from the hard stuff, before the hard stuff comes again.

Jeremy is my little buddy. He’s quite outgoing and friendly, and one of his favorite activities is grocery shopping! (I asked him last night what special thing he wanted to do today as our last regular day home just the two of us and he said with a grin, “well…do you need any groceries?”) We’ve had such a fun year going swimming, bike riding, playing at the park, meeting up with friends, and of course, lots of shopping and errends!

I’m excited to have more time with Noah and Eva soon as we get to spend all our days together this summer, and three cheers for not packing lunches or hunting down lost library books anymore, but I’m a tiny bit sad that this sweet and simple school year with concentrated one on one time with Jer is coming to and end.

These really are the days…

Here’s a little video to make you smile. This is our special song and while I sang it to him for years, he now sings it to me most nights. I finally remembered to capture his little voice and sweet smile on video. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “End of an Era

    • Sorry Mel didn’t have my glasses!!!!! on and posted this comment as a response to your adoption piece! Love those little ones ….they grow up so fast! But the memories will last a lifetime 😉

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