A Non-update

It’s been a while…And I’m afraid I have nothing to report.

I’ve started to write a post in my head many times but I just can’t think of anything positive and exciting to say.

We are waiting. We’ve been waiting. We will continue to wait.

We are so tired of waiting.

What’s more, is that there’s a child waiting for us. Living in an orphanage. Growing older each day. We are missing out on precious days with him or her because of the many months it takes two governments to approve a few papers. We thought that we’d be getting closer to making travel plans by this summer, and now we know we’ll be lucky to travel by Christmas.

Please pray for patience and strength that can only come from the Lord as we wait. Please pray that we would wait well. Pray these papers get processed quickly. Pray that things get smoothed out and that the process picks up again soon.

Another prayer request that’s been on my heart for some time now is for a new Grandma or Auntie to become a part of our family and invest in our kids. It truly takes a village to raise a child, and in our immediate proximity we have a very small village. My entire family lives in Ontario and while we’re thankful that Steve’s parents live about half an hour away, we have no aunts, uncles or cousins close by, no other grandparents or other people intentionally investing in our kids, and it’s really hard.

A year or so after we moved here when I had a one year old and a two year old, a very sweet woman in our church who I hardly knew at all, asked me if she might come over one morning a week and help me out however I needed help, to do housework or watch my kiddos so I could run errends or grab a few minutes to myself over a cup of coffee. What seemed like a simple little offer was an absolute Godsend at a time in my life when I desperately needed it.

Over time her Thursday mornings developed into a deep bond where she both adopted us as her family and we adopted her as Oma. Five years later she comes to our birthday celebrations, Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas day gift openings and she babysits often. She’s folded my laundry and swept my floors and read a thousand books to my kids. And she’s finally welcoming her first grandbaby, and, as amazing as she is, she’s quitting her job and moving several hours away to be near her son and daughter in law to help them out with their baby.

We are SO sad to be losing our Oma, but are so excited for her and her lucky new grandbaby to come. So, simply, we are praying for a new Oma to come into our lives. Someone who will love on our family, especially our new little one. To be a practical hands-on support when we need it. To be yet another person welcoming our little one home, another person to love him or her.

Thanks for your prayers friends.


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