Mother’s Day Fundraiser Results

Our Mother’s Day Lollycakes fundraiser was a huge success!


cake boxes

 A big THANK YOU to everyone who ordered cakes, bought jewelry, and so generously donated.

jewelry table 2 jewelry table 3

              A massive thanks to those who made it all possible, a friend of a friend who made the cute cards, the lovely lady in our church who donated candles and huge bouquets of flowers and vases,


and to my dear friend and fellow baker Julieta who spent a couple evenings this week
making massive batches of buttercream for hours on end.

julietaThe results:

12 Cakes
16 bouquets of flowers
many pieces of jewelry, cards and candles….


$1,180 raised today to help bring home baby Kroeker!!!

Thanks for your support everyone!


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Fundraiser Results

  1. A huge thank you from the Kroeker’s Ontario family who can’t be there to assist. Your support in the way if purchases, donations of time and money and overall love showered on this process is so dearly appreciated by us too! God bless each one of you!

  2. I so agree Aunt Joanne! Wish we were close by to get in on the cake fundraising….so glad for their support network in BC. I get lots of comments on the necklace and bracelet Melissa!!

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