ABBA Canada Grant

Hello, dear friends. We are so excited to announce that we have received a grant for our adoption through ABBA Canada.  They are graciously giving us $3500 which should mostly cover our final agency bill which will be coming up very soon. (Due as we accept our child’s proposal) We are so thrilled to partner with this amazing organization. Check them out!

We hope to write a detailed financial update post soon to let you know exactly where we’re at. We can tell you that God has provided just over $20,000 so far! We just have 1 final invoice from the orphanage itself coming up and our travel costs left. We are getting closer! In addition to the jewelry I’m currently selling, we’re gearing up for a big Lollycakes fundraiser for Mother’s Day.

Praise God for his continued provision! Please stay tuned for more info to come!kroekerfam

And Happy Easter from the Kroeker fam!


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