Four Seats

We’ve been enjoying an early spring here on the coast and while two weeks of spring break is entirely too long a bit lengthy, I’m thankful it’s begun with nice warm sunny weather.

The kids and I rode our bikes to our favorite playground this week. We’ve been coming to this park regularly since we moved to town six year ago. It’s perfect for really little ones and has always been in close proximity to all the houses we’ve lived in. I noticed for the first time however, as my three piled on the teeter totter, that it has, most appropriately, an empty seat.

And I smiled, thought of our little one to come, and managed to snap a quick photo before they raced on to the next thing.

We’ve room for one more, in our hearts, around our dinner table, and even on the teeter totter at our favorite park.


One thought on “Four Seats

  1. So sweet! This new little one is going to feel very loved when he or she sees how you write with such love and anticipation!

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