Part One

Steve is preaching through Ezekiel right now at our church. It’s a wild and crazy book, and the sermon series has been a wild and crazy ride. Yesterday’s sermon covered the passage about the valley of dry bones where God does a crazy miracle and brings a really dead pile of bones back to life. God asks Zeke (I’m totally paraphrasing) “Do you think I can do it?” and Zeke says, “…well…only you know that, God…” Then God does it. He puts the bones back together, puts flesh on the bones and raises up an army out of a pile of old dry bones. Crazy. I don’t know if Ezekiel was expecting that, or believed it could happen. I certainly would have doubted. My prayers so often in this adoption process have echoed that of the man in Mark 9, “I believe – help my unbelief!” I believe in my heart that God can do things, but my head doubts it. I want to believe, but often I don’t, especially when things feel impossible. But, our God is the God of the impossible.

When we mailed in our citizenship part 1 application last November, getting it approved felt impossible. The government had just issued a visa ban on our child’s country, and we’d heard from many others how dealing with CIC was an absolute nightmare, that paperwork is more often lost than processed, and that it always takes months longer than expected. We were told to go into citizenship paperwork with extremely low expectations and that it would be the most frustrating part of the process.

Side note: “Part 1” is a process that confirms that one of us is a legal Canadian citizen and thus able to apply for citizenship for an adopted child. That’s is. Just confirming that we’re Canadian. Huge hassle. Lost paperwork. Totally normal… Did I mention we have valid passports, health cards, Nexus, have always paid our taxes etc….?

Three weeks after we mailed part 1 we received the confirmation that CIC had received it (YAY! – this is big in and of itself – nothing lost yet during its journey from one coast of Canada to the other.) The confirmation letter said it would take 14 weeks to process. This brought us to the week of valentines day.

So 14 weeks later we called CIC to check its progress. Our file number that they had given us, was not a valid file number. (I’m told this is standard practice!) They couldn’t tell us much except that it was likely “in process” and to call back in a few weeks. (Now the official processing time had increased to 24 months…eek!) We called back two weeks later and they weren’t entirely sure where our application was but the man on the phone would “write a letter” to look into things and hopefully speed up the process.

Four days later, this arrived in the mail…

cicpart1Part 1 has been approved. Just like that. It came in a timely fashion and didn’t hold us up. I was absolutely shocked. I was prepared for it to be delayed, lost or misplaced. I was prepared for it to come back rejected because of the our child’s country. I assumed we’d have our child’s referral first and be waiting on this crazy document to go ahead. I was not prepared for it to come back randomly approved! What little faith I have. Our God is the God of the impossible and this felt impossible to me.

And it was one more confirmation from the Lord that he’s leading and guiding us through this process. That he will provide all that we need just when we need it.


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