Happy Dance

dossier mapWe’re celebrating lots this week with our official notification that our dossier left the BC Ministry’s office on Monday. (Celebrating = a big dance party with Jeremy, followed by taking Eva and Noah out for donuts after school.) Our agency gave us the courier tracking number for the package and it’s been so fun already to track its progress. The last notification we received is that it left Los Angeles at 2:01am this morning. Wonder where it’s headed next! With a package whose contents are as all-the-documents-about-our-entire-life-that-will-allow-us-to-adopt-a-child it’s really great to be able to keep tabs on it like this! (I wish I could have decorated it with bright washi tape to made it beautiful and then laid our hands on it to pray over it – but it goes straight from our agency to the government and then onward.) This precious package plays a big role in adding to our family. If only the many hands that will handle it could know of its great importance to us.

We’re updating our dining room chalkboard map with our dossier’s current location as well as keeping a “days waiting” chart where the kids can put a mark each day until we receive our referral. Hopefully I’ve left enough room on the chalkboard…! Thanks for your prayers everyone!

****Update Feb 19th: It went to Leipzig, Germany then Brussels, Belgium then Lagos, Nigeria, then Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire. It’s getting close!


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