A good mail day

It’s dark and dreary here today. Rain has poured down at times. It’s not a day mail delivery workers particularly enjoy. I heard our noisy mailbox lid slam shut, meaning some mail had just been left, but it was an hour or two later before I got around to checking it.

Can I just admit that the sight of a Manilla envelop takes my breath away? I love them. They mean progress. They mean things are happening. Yet I find it ironic that they carry such important things in such plain clothes. I’d doodle vines and flowers and cover them all in washi tape if I had my way…

This package actually arrived quite damp and slightly opened at one end. But inside was tangible proof that we are moving forward, that God has done amazing things to bring us to this point.
Today we received a copy of our dossier. A thick volume of documents, notarized with signatures and seals everywhere and in two languages – never has a document been so precious. Months and months of hard work, tedious forms, hundreds of emails and many phone calls have finally resulted in a beautiful pile of papers.

Would you please join me in praying over our dossier? Ours is just a copy – the real package is on it’s way to Guinea. So many things could go wrong, it could be lost, misplaced, set aside for many months. Please join us in praying it arrives safely, gets into the right hands properly and is reviewed by the Guinea Central Authority in a timely matter. Once they review and approve it, they’ll send our child’s proposal through the government, to our agency, then to us. We are getting closer to a face and a name!

Deep breath. One big step closer to our little one.


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