En Francais

Our dossier is complete! It’s officially translated, notarized and ready to go! Our agency now sends it to the BC Ministry of Child and Family Development who will courier it to the Guinea Central Authority in Conakry. Within a week or two we should get word that it’s en route to Africa. [happy dance!]

While we’ve had some bumps and wrinkles along the way, overall we are amazed at how smooth and quick things have gone up until this point. We would appreciate your joining us in prayer over our dossier. This package of documents, photos, references, medical forms, certificates, letters and our home study is really our entire life in a manilla envelope, being fed-exed across the globe. This is the part where things can get lost, misplaced, and go terribly wrong. Please pray it is sent quickly, arrives safely and is looked at in a timely manner, and that we get a child proposal soon after. This stage of government to government communication can happen over a matter of weeks or many, many, many months. Please pray for God’s hand on this part of the process, as well as for patience for us as we wait for details and photos of our child. Thank you!



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