Christmas and Kinder-eggs

We’ve had a wonderful Christmas here at the Kroeker house, with my parents here visiting from Ontario. It was so great to spend the holidays with them for the first time in five years. (Thanks for coming mom and dad!) We went swimming and skating and made gingerbread houses and baked cookies and ate turkey. It was restful and fun and full of stories and Lego and tickles. I did spent quite a bit of time however thinking ahead to next Christmas when we will hopefully be a family of six.

When shopping last minute for the Kinder surprise chocolate eggs that I always put in my kid’s stockings my heart leapt when I found a four-pack.
A slow smile crept up as I realized that next year, God-willing, I’ll need the four pack of kinder eggs. I think I must have stood there for several minutes in the grocery store trying to hold back tears with a silly grin on my face. How my heart both aches with longing and is overflowing with gratefulness at the notion of needing a four pack. How blessed I feel to be a mama to three-soon-to-be-four.

A huge thank you to all of you who blessed us this Christmas with gifts to support our adoption. So many lovely surprises arrived tucked in Christmas cards wishing us well and generously helping to bring our little one home. Thank you so much, dear friends and family!


One thought on “Christmas and Kinder-eggs

  1. So glad to have been part of the Christmas celebration! I’m not an overly expressive person but I too share your excitment in bringing baby Kroeker home! I’m sorry that I may fall short in that area. Just know deep down your family stands with you in excitment and anticipation for all yet to come! We love you all so much and that love spills over to include this little one waiting to meet us all. And the Kinder egg tradition will live on!

    PS-A personal thankyou to all those at TAC and others who have been so supportive! You have gone above and beyond to make this adoption a possibility. Your kindness and generousity is beyond expectation. We thank God for each and every one of you. Some day this little one will know how much love and support went in to bringing them into a home/community full of much anticipation and love!

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