I almost hugged the mailman

So I happened to be checking the mailbox outside my front door to see if we had any mail at the exact moment the mailman was walking up my driveway to deliver the mail. (My timing is sometimes flukey awesome like that!) He handed me a few bills and a big envelope before his cheery “have a nice day” (Seriously, it’s so cold and often rainy and our mail delivery people are always SO chipper!)

Upon seeing the return address on the big envelope I tore into it and was thrilled to discover our completed and signed homestudy, our Adoption Education certificate, AND our final approval letter!!
approval letters
(We’ve worked hard these last 7 months to get these documents. They’re kind of like ultrasound photos, so humor me here…)

I’m so excited!! We’re approved and ready to roll. I sent all our other required dossier letters and documents to our agency on Friday and they’ll be sent to our translator very soon. Once all these delightful documents are en Francais, they’ll be off to Guinea!! (We’re really hoping it can get out by the end of the year!)

Annnnnnd as I was celebrating this great news I heard a friendly knock at the door and the same chipper mailman was back to deliver my new passport. One day earlier than promised. (I renewed it a few weeks ago and have been waiting on it so I can get a copy notarized for our dossier. And I’ll need it to go to AFRICA!) Seriously, BEST MAIL DAY EVER!!!

And several steps closer to our little one.

And now back to celebrating with my crew. Steve’s away so we’re celebrating this awesome news and super great mail day Kroeker-kiddo-style with frozen pizzas and the Curious George Christmas special. Mmmhmmm. That’s right. Livin’ the dream. 🙂


2 thoughts on “I almost hugged the mailman

  1. So exciting! These moments often come when we least expect them. I know you are all down with colds right now but I’m sure this picked up your step! As a nana I can envision holding this little one in my arms, I can’t imagine what you are feeling!

    PS I can see the little heart beating #ultrasoundAfrica

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