What Adoptive Families Wish You Knew

A very sweet friend of mine sent me to this link today. It’s a blog post written by a woman in the US who has two biological kids and two adopted boys (one a toddler, and one at 16 years old) both from Ethiopia. It’s called How to Support the Family who is Adopting and What Adoptive Families Wish You knew.

And it’s spot on.

And I wept when I read it.

To know that all that I’m thinking and feeling …. normal. I’m in the throws of #4 right now and my heart hurts so deeply some days that the ache is real and physical.

Her words are so helpful. So honest.

So please, those who love and support us here, would you hop on over and read these words? I could have written them myself.


One thought on “What Adoptive Families Wish You Knew

  1. Thank you for sharing this timely article Melissa. We do share your excitement and may not always know how to share it especially when we are miles apart. We love you and support you in your calling to provide a loving home to one of His own. As a Nana, I too am excited and long to meet this new little one….lying in bed at night wondering what he or she will be like and dreaming of future cuddles like the ones that I so enjoy now with our current brood! My heart aches too when I consider how many precious little ones are in need and often feel helpless in a giant sea of need in this broken world BUT…. I can pray, I can support you and I can love this new little one that God will bring our way. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You are courageous. We will try to do our best to express our support for you and please be patient with us when we don’t understand or miss your expectations. We are praying for you and our little Kroeker even though still miles apart. Be encouraged by the prayers of many. It may take time and I’m sure there will be ups and downs and setbacks but as God has called you to this….He will protect, provide and will see you through. Hugs and kisses, Mom.

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