Home safety check – passed!

Thank you for your prayers! Homestudy interview #2 went very well. It began with one child having a meltdown at two minutes to scheduled start time. Not what I’d hoped for but kind of what I’d expected. But God in his grace had our Social Worker think our meeting was for later. So when I texted her 20 minutes after scheduled start time she was very apologetic and rushed over here to find us suuuuper ready and waiting and (now) quite happy.

The kids were their charming chatty selves. The highlight was as she asked them questions about their thoughts on a new sibling. Jeremy then told her he was getting a brother and Eva was getting a new sister, to which Noah commented, “five kids??” his big blue eyes wide! Serious laughs over that one.

We passed the home safety check no problem, and she was much easier on us than I expected. (I’m usually over-prepared for things in my life!) Now to try and enjoy a super clean house this morning for a few moments before it gets destroyed lived in by children. What a relief to know that our house is officially safe for children! (And mostly to know that part is over!)

We put the kids to bed and chatted with our SW about them,
their personalities and how we think they will do with a new sibling. We also filled out separate confidential questionnaires about alcohol and drug use, abuse, pornography use etc. about us, each other, and our families. It’s designed to root out any “secrets” and give her material to talk to us about in our individual interviews next week. Steve and I discussed it after, and it made is so very thankful for Gods grace in our lives having saved us from so many things and to have been brought up in safe and healthy families. We are so thankful.

So thank you for your prayers yesterday. We felt them! Next up is Melissa’s individual session on Tuesday and Steve’s on Wednesday.

We are flying through this thing as quickly as we are able. Deep breath!


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