Up to date update.

Just a quick note to say that we had our first homestudy interview and it went very well. Our social worker is super rad, which is convenient as we’ll be seeing a lot of her the next few months.

I’m super scared so happy to be getting the home tour/home safety check done right away – on Tuesday. You know, to make sure our home is suitable for children…uh…. As well, she will be meeting and talking with our three kiddos at that time. So prayers are appreciated for all.

Our planning meeting with our friends went well last week. We are so blessed to have a small army behind us loving on and supporting us! In process is an amazing fundraising event that involves cake coming in November….stay tuned for details!

I’ve been amazed at how emotional I’m becoming over this adoption process in thinking, talking about and praying for our little one…with no pregnancy hormones to blame this time. God is working well in this mama’s heart these days! When out of the blue Jeremy showed me this picture he made and said, “this is for my new brudda or sista.” I wept.

We try to be so intentional in preparing our kids and in teaching them about adoption. And in his own little three year old way, I think he gets it. What an incredible privilege it is to parent these little souls.


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