Envelope #2 and counting…


Okay, so I thought I had a pretty good grip on the paperwork part-time job I began with this adoption a few months ago, but the documents I’ve been working on this week have been nothing short of ridiculous.

At this stage, we are working on autobiographies, family trees, a support system map, medical clearance checks, photocopying and notorizing all our marriage certificate and our IDs, criminal record checks, and Prior Contact/Child Abuse Checks for every province we have lived in while over the age of 18.

For every province we have lived in while over the age of 18.

Anybody catch that?

Anybody laughing right now? Goodness.

So in addition to the BC checks we are to complete two checks in Manitoba, two in Saskatchewan, and one in Ontario. To make things more fun, we have to dig up info on the process and the forms themselves required for each province.

Cuz’ the provinces not only don’t talk to each other about this, they don’t file paperwork, or even call this check by the same name!

Side rant: Why does everybody want these documents faxed? Faxed? On a fax machine. Who still has one of those giant machines taking up desk space? I asked Manitoba if I could scan and email them their documents and they said no, fax only. Seriously? I haven’t used a fax machine since I was a tween and sent primitive text-like messages to my friend whose Dad also had a home business and thus the budding technology of 1995. End rant.

So if British Columbia citizens reading this blog are even remotely interested in pursuing adoption someday, may I suggest not attending college in Saskatchewan, following your handsome preacher-husband to Manitoba for a three-year stint, or simply being born and raised in Ontario.

Cuz’ the paperwork, long-distance phone bills, automated phone voice people, information-tracking that literally leads in circles is RIDICULOUS.

However, just like morning sickness, heartburn, exhaustion, and an extra 30lbs 40lbs are worth it in pregnancy. (TRUST ME!) This paperwork headache is worth every minute on hold, since it brings me one step closer to our little one.

And seriously, does anybody have a fax machine?

~ Melissa


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