Early Days

I’ve thought a lot about our adoption today. I’ve felt prompted to pray for our little one lots. It’s hard, these early days. We aren’t matched with a specific child yet. We don’t yet know if Noah, Eva, and Jeremy will have a little brother or little sister, as we’ve chosen to be open to either.

I wonder if our child has even been born yet. If they’re sick today, or getting a first tooth. Maybe they’re sitting up for the first time or learning to crawl. I don’t know. And it’s hard not to know.

There is so much unknown, so much out of my control. Yet, my Mama’s heart yearns for our little one. For this special child we believe God will choose for our family.

In the same way I sometimes think about the three babies we lost to miscarriage, I think about our little one in Africa.

I’m Mama to all of them.

Those I hold in my arms, and those in the arms of Jesus.

And the little one, someday to come.




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