Other African Options

I spoke with our social worker last week and while we still wait indefinitely on Guinea, she mentioned a second option that we might pursue if the Guinean Government won’t permit a BC adoption. Another couple from our agency recently finalized an adoption from South Africa. The catch with SA, apparently, is that you have to show evidence of being an active evangelical Christian in order to adopt from SA.


Talk about playing the Reverend card!

Combined with it being a relatively quick stay and process (some African countries require months of living in their country before can leave with your child which is not an option for us with three bio kids waiting at home), and it’s an English-speaking country (big bonus), we are considering South Africa as a “plan b” country to adopt from, if Guinea doesn’t work out. We are still trusting and praying that we can adopt from Source de Vie, as this ministry is where our heart is. But to a slight control freak person who likes to be prepared, a plan B sounds good to me.

Either way, we are trusting that there is a future Kroeker waiting for us somewhere in Africa.

And that makes my heart very happy.

~ Melissa


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