And the waiting begins…

Waiting is the name of the game when it comes to adoption. And very early on in the process it begins.

The waiting game.

Several weeks ago our agency sent a letter through the BC government to the Guinean Government formally requesting permission to begin an adoption. Because it’s never been done between BC and Guinea before. Because this process isn’t big and hard and scary exciting and awesome enough…we’re going to attempt something new on top of things.

Because our God is big.

Because our God is calling us to step out in obedience.

Because there are tiny helpless babies, image-bearers of the Creator, thrown out in the trash.

Because this isn’t about us.

And so we wait. And while it’s frustrating to know that things are being held up because of the government, we’re forced to rely on God and his timing. Already. (I’m confident this lesson will be repeated a few times)

I spoke with our social worker today and she said that they have resent the request to Guinea. Because they’re awesome and proactive, and they know that some governments often need a friendly nudge or two. Because important things like this are often lost, misplaced, or just not dealt with. I knew there was lots of waiting involved in this process, but I assumed it would come much further down the line. I thought there was a lot that we could do in the early months to get the ball rolling. And here we are in a holding pattern and we’ve just begun.

We are excited and hopeful, and also kind of stuck.

Waiting. Dreaming. Praying. Trusting.

~ Melissa



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